Ole Aabenhus

Documentary filmmaker

Documentary filmmaker, journalist and European democracy development consultant. He has made documentaries from China, Bolivia and Spain.

A new beginning?

Refugees are global storytellers too. But as long as their loved ones are still stuck in war-struck countries like Syria, Afghanistan or Eritrea they are often silent about the flight that brought them to Denmark. That is the underlying topic of this film about the refugees at Jyderup folk high school, made by Ole and Ki Aabenhus for globalstory.dk.

The film was supposed to tell a story about what it is like to be a refugee student at Jyderup folk high school to learn Danish quickly, without knowing a single word of Danish upon arrival. But along with the filming it became more and more clear that all the worries about the loved ones back home casts a shadow at every single Danish lesson, and that the strict Danish rules on family reunification are causing a lot of frustrations.