From urban to organic

In 2014 Fredrik left his life in Copenhagen to become an organic farmer at Yduns Have on the Danish island Samsø. In September 2015 we visited Yduns Have to find out why Fredrik left his computer work in the Danish capital to become an organic farmer.

Yduns Have (Ydun’s Garden) is an organic farm where the collective of farmers experiments with how to manage a farm and how to create a successful agricultural business model. In 2015 Yduns Have launched their Community Supported Agriculture, where more than 30 families on Samsø pay for a whole year of products in the beginning of the year. In this way the families enable that Yduns Have is not dependent on banks, and Yduns Have makes the families independent from supermarkets. Yduns Have also sells their products in their yard sale and to the Danish food logistic company, Aarstiderne.

This video is produced by Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen as one in a series of twelve under the Europe in Action education project made in collaboration between Our Europe and the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark – supported by Europa-Nævnet.