Europe in action

Two young Danes reporting live from a Europe in action. You and your school can sign up for four online seminars and learn a lot about your European youth generation.

Participate in four online seminars – reported live from a Europe in action


Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen are travelling Europe to confront the biggest challenges in Europe right now. Throughout their journey they will meet the refugees that the newspaper headlines are about, the idealists who struggle for a more sustainable world, the climate skeptics and the right wing nationalists.

This fall semester you and your students can take part in four online seminars as the two storytellers report live from four different countries and enter into a dialogue with Danish and international folk high school students in Denmark.


During the past two years Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen have travelled more than 25.000 km, lived in more than 100 different homes and met more than 500 young Europeans who have shared their stories.

Now Elena and Peter are once again on the road in order to meet their own European generation with the motto “I am European – I fight for”.

Why? Because they believe that they live in a dramatic time, and that young people not only have the opportunity, but also the responsibility, to become a generation of essential change makers.

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Monday September 7th, 8 p.m.:

Take off from Samsø

This is first time you will meet Elena and Peter online. They will tell about the journey that they have just set out for. Some of the places they will visit are Samsø, Istanbul, Athens, Palermo, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Krakow. At this first onlibe seminar you will have the opportunity to have your say in which questions they will ask the European youth that they will meet during their journey.

Tuesday October 27th, 8 p.m.:
Live from Palermo – meet the European refugees

Elena and Peter will tell about the young Europeans that work with the issue of refugees in Turkey, Greece and Italy. They will take a closer look at the situation that the locals as well as the boat refugees and migrants are facing in Sicily, and at different views, positions and initiatives.

Monday November 16th, 8 p.m.:
Live from Madrid – the fight for political change

Throughout their whole journey Elena and Peter will meet young people who fight for a better Europe – either by making street activism, volunteer work, critical communication or local organization. At this online seminar Peter and Elena will tell about the methods that the European youth are using to make a change.

Thursday December 3rd, 8 p.m.:
Live from Paris – the World Climate Summit and sustainable development

The World Climate Summit in Paris is just been launched at this point, and the politicians and negotiators are under pressure to reach an ambitious agreement on climate change. Elena and Peter will be where it all happens. They will tell about the initiatives emerging at grassroot level outside the negotiating room and they will visit climate skeptics, environmental activists and self-sufficient villages.

What will you get?

Besides the four online seminars, Elena and Peter will upload videos with interviews and reportages from the reality they meet throughout their journey at the new online magazine and write updates in the Facebook group that you will become a member of once you have registered.

Through the Facebook group you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and comment – both live at the online seminars and during the weeks in between.

Practical information

All you need to participate is a computer with an audio output, internet connection and a projector. In short – everyone can join in. You will get all the practical information once you have registered.

The online seminars and the reportages will be in English so that all students, including the international students, can participate.


Register your folk high school or your team by sending an email to the international consultant, Sara Skovborg Mortensen, at with your name, phone number and the email address of the contact person at your schoo