Who are Global Storytellers?

You are – or might become one.

Global Storytellers is a joint international project for folk high schools in Denmark. First and foremost it’s about learning more about the world and telling stories about global issues addressing both mind and heart.

When you go on study trips around the world, or when the world comes to Denmark, you will all have the opportunity to look at the world through a magnifying glass and pursue the most important questions of our time.

And what is more obvious than telling the important, exciting, surprising and fascinating stories that you come across?

This online magazine is where your stories come to life in the shape of articles, photo series, videos, podcasts, poetry or something completely different.

The thematic backdrop of globalstory.dk is made up of the biggest global issues of our time, such as migration, politics, sustainability, and identity. It’s about different people’s endeavours to bring about a more sustainable and fair world.

It’s about how young people all over the world look at their lives and the future, what they dream of and how they act on the challenges they’re facing.

You can also find contributions from debaters and experts commenting on the themes. Their contributions see to inspire and provoke you. They see to refine your knowledge and your opinions and give you new perspectives on the global tendencies of our time.

Who can join?

Global Storytellers is for all folk high schools that seek inspiration to strengthen their work with global issues, both in Denmark,  during study trips abroad, and working with media production.

The project is monitored by The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark (FFD). But to develop and refine it FFD works closely together with both folk high school students and teachers.

To ensure feedback and new ideas feeding into the project, different types of seminars for both students and teachers are being implemented from time to time.

There is also a sounding board forum for folk high school teachers in order to create a network where teachers can get inspired, share experiences and gain new knowledge.


Global Storytellers place emphasis on collaboration – also when it comes to media production and storytelling. For the time being the collaborators are:

Vores Europa (Our Europe) – a project launched by the two young Danes, Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen. They started out with a road trip through Europe for 12 months to explore contemporary Europe and meet the European youth generation and have now become sort of self-taught Europe experts and storytellers.

Verdens Bedste Nyheder (The World’s Best News) – a news campaign that communicates progress and positive results from developing countries and monitors UN’s work with the Millenium Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Since the beginning of 2015 ‘The World’s Best News’ have conducted several workshops about quality communication on developing countries and constructive journalism aimed at students of those folk high schools that travel to developing countries on their study trips. The workshops are a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises and the goal is to educate participating students to make constructive and nuanced journalistic stories from developing countries.

CPH:DOX – Scandinavia’s largest documentary film festival that each year fills the cinemas of Copenhagen with a selection of more than 200 films from all over the world. CPH:DOX has started up the project ‘Everyday’, and part of it is offering workshops to folk high school students who want to learn how to find and tell stories through the video media, using available technology like smartphones and tablets.

Dagbladet Information – national newspaper in Danmark.